• Flavorbacon
  • Net weight100g
  • Packaging20 gói/thùng


The signature product of the ICHI brand of rice cakes, made from premium Japonica rice ingredients, combined with the typical Japanese flavor (Honey Shouyu) and unique new flavors (Pizza, Bacon) & Cheese), giving you a unique and harmonious culinary experience from the land of cherry blossoms.

In particular, shouyu honey - ICHI's most popular flavor brings crispy but not hard cakes, harmonious sweet and salty taste, eating forever.

The product is compactly packaged, easy to use as a snack during the day, in parties, easy to carry on long trips or as a gift for friends and relatives. 

Instructions for use and storage

Instant food, no processing necessary, should be used as soon as the package is opened

The inner silica gel bag is not edible, please throw it in the trash immediately after opening the package

Keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Expiration: within 8 months

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