ICHI kid

  • FavorOriginal
  • Weight29g
  • Packaging20 packs/carton


ICHI KID is special rice cracker product for 6-month children. Manufactured from high-grade Japonica rice with added calcium, ICHI Kid is the interesting snacks that not only helps babies practice holding and chewing but also provides them with essential nutrition. 

If you want to enjoy the original flavour of the rice cracker, the light and crispy flavour of ICHI Kid will also make you satisfied. 

Direction for use and storage :

Instant food, cooking is not necessary, should be used once opening the package 

The inside silica gel bag is inedible, please throw it in the wastebasket right after opening the package 

Keep in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight 

Expiration: within 8 months 

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