Japanese rice cracker ICHI is an exclusive product of Thien Ha Kameda Joint Stock Company, established on June 19, 2013, by the cooperation and joint venture between Vietnamese enterprises, Thien Ha Joint Stock Company. Corp and Japanese Company Kameda Seika Co., LTD (Japan's No. 1 revenue-generating rice cracker brand). With a number of employees of 250 people and a team of professional leaders, after a period of formation and development, Thien Ha Kameda has created a great reputation in the Vietnamese market with its delicious Japanese standard crispy rice crackers, which are recognized by the Japanese market. consumers accept and love. From the first factory in the North (Hung Yen), Thien Ha Kameda continues to expand its production scale in the Central and Southern regions by establishing 2 factories in Thua Thien Hue (2015) and Dong Thap (2016). Currently, production is conducted at all 3 factories. With the desire to bring to Vietnamese people rice crackers of Japanese quality standard but still suitable for Vietnamese taste, Thien Ha Kameda always focuses on each stage of the production process, constantly improving to bring to customers. Using unique flavors in each crispy cracker. Currently, ICHI is one of the best-selling rice cracker brands in the Vietnamese market. In particular, the most impressive and favorite product is a Japanese rice cracker with Shouyu honey soy sauce flavor. With a combination of premium ingredients: fragrant Japonica rice, signature Japanese Shouyu soy sauce, and the mild sweetness of honey, each cracker offers users a unique, delicious, crispy culinary experience. surprise. Keeping the Japanese quality in every cracker, constantly bringing new flavors and experiences, ICHI Japanese rice crackers (meaning number 1 in Japanese), as the name suggests, will continue to be the first thing that people will consider when they think of delicious Japanese rice crackers.




As a member of the Kameda Seika Group, we conduct corporate activities in accordance with the following code of conduct.

1. Our mission is to deliver “health,” “deliciousness,” and “excitement” to our customers.

2. As a good corporate citizen, we will work to protect the global environment and contribute to and harmonize with local communities.

3. In our business activities, we will comply with laws, internal rules, regulations, etc., and carry out our duties appropriately.


During the process of formation and development, Thien Ha Kameda has been honored to receive certificates of food safety system 22000, certificate of HACCP 2003, ISO 2200:2005, FSSC 22000.


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