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Labels Editor

Note! This feature is only available in Vtiger CRM On Demand edition.

Vtiger CRM gives admin users the flexibility to customize module names, field labels, and other strings to accord business requirements.





Changing labels

The process of renaming the labels is simple and straightforward. Module name, fields and strings that are available for renaming are grouped under Labels Editor, all together. After successfully changing the label of the module, Vtiger CRM displays your chosen name every time you work on it.

Follow few simple steps to rename the label of modules, fields and other strings

1. Click Labels Editor tab (You can find either in All drop-down, or in Settings page under Studio menu)
2. In Labels Editor, Step 1, select desired language
3.  In Step 2, select desired module to edit
4. In Step 3, the table displays module label, field labels and other strings in the selected module
5. Double click on the row to edit, and click Enter on your keyboard to save

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